The creator of stacks cats is the dream come true for Sheri. For over 2 decades 
she has been involved in the caring and treatment of small animals, or as she 
calls them, furry family members. With extensive background in veterinary 
medicine and working in emergency clinics she not only learned what to do, she 
learned what not to do. Sheri has spent years uniting people with the right pet, 
but her desires have always been PERSIANS. It is rare for her to be at home 
and not have her "Morris" by her side. When the opportunity was presented for 
her to breed PERSIANS she jumped on it.. The kittens she has are not breed for 
the sole purpose of profit, but to share the joy that only a true pet owner can 
know, the unconditional love of a kitten.

When the kittens are born they are kept with their mother in the Family room
of the house, so that if one cries or is in need of attention, it gets it. They are 
checked all night long and watched all day. They are handled from birth so that 
you know you are getting a kitten that wants to be with a person. At the slightest 
sign of a problem they are rushed to a vet just to make sure they are all right. 

Just as important as having healthy cats, is where they go. So if you inquire 
about one of our kittens, don't be surprised if we ask a couple of questions 
about you also! Remember, great kittens need great homes!